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Senior Executive
Product Development / Marketing / Operations

Senior business executive with the vision to define strategic direction for an organization and a proven track record of translating the vision into reality

Top-performing product development and marketing executive whose success is measurable in millions of dollars of revenue gain and improved market share ratings. A take-charge, innovative leader, Stan excels in maximizing the unique talents and abilities of individuals and teams to drive creativity, profitability, and competitive advantage garnering multiple BE and TV Tech Awards for industry serving excellence. As a hands-on leader, Stan has made significant strides in improving service levels and has led his teams to earn a prestigious J.D. Power Award.
Defined new corporate strategy for market positioning and revenue growth in the face of high-powered competitive activity. Led the design, development and launch of a new modular instrument line that became the industry leader in feature and function. Generated $12M for initial quarter in revenue and increased market share to 65%.
Reduced project delivery delays and customer issues by implementing quality measures, developing a cross-functional project team, establishing monitoring devices and creating a reference model for delivery timelines and snapshots of customer issues.
Regained company status as an industry leader and accelerated products to market by successfully negotiating an OEM Partnership with a foreign company that expanded product line offering and increased revenues.
Exceeded corporate guideline margins by 4-7% through championing manufacturing smart designs and continual focus on component availability/software development tools.

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